Virus Removal

Virus Removal

Virus Removal

Quick Solve Computers is located at Shop 1, 53 York Street Beenleigh, Queensland and was established in 1997.

Virus related problems are something we have been dealing with for quite some time now.  The general rule is this… If your computer is acting “strange” it’s usually a virus.

Of course prevention is always better than a cure but if the horse has already bolted and you are looking for some help, then best give us a call, we offer a Virus removal service.

Better yet – just pop in so we can have a chat and come up with a game plan to help you.

Viruses come in all shapes and sizes, some are just plain nasty and will break everything or even worse delete everything, but believe it or not they are not the ones you should be afraid of. “Key loggers” or “spyware” as it is often called are the worst. They will keep things running smoothly and sit back and just watch you and wait for you to go onto online banking. Recording your keystrokes and sending the usernames and passwords off to someone usually overseas to do their worst.

So… When it comes to internet security, it certainly isn’t something that should be ignored or even brushed off as not important. It should be the first thing that gets attended to if you plan on going “online”.

Some basic practises can go a long way in keeping your machine secure, and we can advise / help you with those.

In short, make sure your software is always up to date, make sure your paid antivirus subscriptions are up to date ( free antivirus software is no where as good as paid antivirus software. Think about it.. All free antivirus software is a trial to the “paid” versions. If the paid versions weren’t “better” you wouldn’t buy them. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking they are the same. THEY ARE NOT… ) Don’t download pirate movies, music & software. The people who distribute that sort of stuff will normally package the “pirate” content with viruses which can infect your computer and most often those “viruses are key loggers”. They even give you instructions on how to “disable” your antivirus software so that you can download their “pirate software / content”. In reality the reason they get you to “disable” your antivirus software is to allow the key loggers to work.

In the long run it will always work out cheaper to keep your machine virus free and your bank details to yourself…

Should the need arise though where your computer does become infected with a virus, some malware or a browser hijacker ( causing adverts and pop ups all the time ) – just give us a call or pop in and see us for some advice.

We can help you with your computer that is infected with a virus with our Virus removal service.


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