Laptop USB port repairs

Laptop USB port repairs

Do you know that we do laptop USB port repairs and replacements? Did you know that even if your laptop has a broken usb port, it can still be fixed. This one is a real common problem. Thankfully we do Laptop USB port repairs.

That little White, Black or Blue plastic guide that is located inside your USB port is there to guide your USB device into place, while also making sure that the four pins don’t touch each other or the metal case around the USB port. Sometimes if the USB device, plug etc is bumped or bent too far, it can break that plastic clip. Now you have a broken USB port and often the next thing that gets plugged into the USB port will quickly bend all those pins.

Laptop USB port repairs

Be careful though because those exposed pins carry voltage, left unattended they can short out on the case and cause damage to your motherboard, damage that can’t be repaired.

If one of your usb ports on your laptop doesn’t work or only work sometimes, there could be an underlying problem. Well worth us having a look at. Most of the time the entire USB header will need to be replaced. This is actually way easier than you might think and it gives your laptop a new lease on life.

Some Laptops come with the USB port soldered onto the motherboard, although these are harder to fix, they still can in most cases be repaired. Just call for more information on Laptop USB port repairs.

Did you know ?

The color of the USB port tells a story :

White is usually USB 1.0 which runs at 12mb

Black is usually USB 2.0 which runs at 100mb

Blue is usually USB 3.0 which runs at 1000mb. [ If you intend on backing up your data via an external hard drive – this is the first choice for that kind of job – it’s way faster. ]

USB 3.0 quickly replaced another technology called firewire. Which generally ran at 400. It is still on some older machines but not used much any more as USB 3.0 is more common.

Laptop USB port repairs, it’s what we do.

Laptop USB port repairs

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