Laptop Keyboards

Laptop Keyboards

Laptop Keyboards

The keyboard in your laptop is a removable item and if it has sustained any damage, it can be replaced.

When a key has been “ripped off” your Laptop Keyboard, most often than not, it breaks the little clips that hold the key in place. Sometimes you can be lucky and the key can be re-seated but it must be done carefully. If the clips break then the entire keyboard will need replacing, but with the right tools this can be easily done.

If your laptop keyboard has liquid spilt on it, the keyboard will most certainly need replacing, however, and this is important… The laptop must be checked over ASAP to ensure that no liquid has gone past the keyboard and onto the motherboard, as is often the case.

What to do if your laptop gets liquid spilt on its keyboard:

Immediately turn off the laptop by pressing and holding the power button. Although this is normally frowned upon as a way of shutting down your laptop, under these circumstances it’s best to get the power off ASAP. It’s not the water that does the damage, its the power travelling across the water that shorts everything out.

Remove the battery if you can.

Unplug the power if you haven’t already done so.

Turn the laptop upside down with the keyboard facing down and place a tea-towl or any other liquid absorbing material over the keyboard allowing any liquid to fall downwards onto the towel.

DO NOT turn the laptop back on again under any circumstances, even once the keyboard “seems” dry. Often there are droplets of water still under the keyboard that will only short out your laptop.

Call us, explain that the laptop has just sustained liquid damage and get it into us as quickly as you can. When the laptop gets here, the first thing we will do is remove the hard drive ( in case you don’t have any data backups ) then we will remove the keyboard, and the motherboard and take it from there.

Many people will only bring us the laptop, sometimes weeks later “after it begins to fail” – Rust takes time to form and if the laptop were cleaned earlier, it might have been salvageable.

Laptop Keyboards

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