Laptop Hard Drives

Laptop Hard Drives

Is your laptop hard drive too small or telling you that it is failing and needs replacing soon? We can help with replacing your laptop hard drive with a bigger or faster SSD model to suit your laptop.

If your laptop hard drive is too slow, we can upgrade it to a SSD or Solid State version by cloning the existing data from one drive to another. In a clone process, the Laptop hard drive is removed from your machine, then it is attached along side a brand new Solid State or larger hard drive and in a special process all the data including the important operating system is copied sector by sector to the new drive. This process is called “Cloning” or “Ghosting”.

Your laptop is then reassembled and fired up and tested to ensure it is working correctly. All being well, it should be exactly the same except that the hard drive now has way more free space.

The speed difference in a laptop that has had a standard Data drive removed and replaced with a SSD drive is nothing short of amazing. And it’s cost effective too. A much better solution than a whole laptop replacement.

Note : SSD Laptop Hard Drives only come in Sata versions. If you have an old IDE laptop hard drive, you may need to consider other options. Just pop in and say hi, we’ll see what we can do.

Your existing laptop should once it has had a hard drive replacement and a cpu fan clean – last you for many years to come.

Laptop Hard Drives


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