Computer Upgrades

Computer Upgrades

When it comes to getting a newer, faster and bigger computer there are way more options out there than just getting a new machine.

A bigger cpu, a new motherboard, perhaps some more ram or a bigger hard drive to handle all those home movies or maybe even a bigger graphics card or a move to adding a graphics card instead of just using the onboard might be what you are looking for.

Solid state hard drives are always a great addition to your existing computer. The speed of a solid state hard drive is nothing short of amazing.

We do lot’s of upgrades here so do yourself a favour and pop in to have a chat and let’s come up with some options for you.

Prices vary quite a lot because of the type of equipment we are upgrading from so let’s chat first, Why not bring in your machine so we can have a look at it and then we can offer you a custom solution.

Are you a bit of a handyman and would like to do it yourself? no problems, we also sell “do it yourself” upgrade kits. Of course we will need to see your existing machine first so we can offer you the correct computer upgrade kit.

Computer Upgrades

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