Laptop Screen Repairs

Laptop Screen Repairs

If you are looking for laptop screen repairs, you have found the right place. We do heaps of them.

Laptop screens come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and types. From 10.1 inch to 17.2 and above, from LCD to LED, From matt finish to glossy, the list goes on.

In most cases it’s worth replacing a laptop’s screen so don’t throw away a laptop just because the screen is broken. We always quote first.

Sometimes when a laptop gets a broken screen the hinges can be damaged too and if it was running while the screen took a hit, the hard drive may be affected.

We always check those over while we are on the job. We’ll let you know what we find along the way, just in case.

To get an accurate quote on a laptop screen replacement we will need to take out the old screen first ( no sorry we can’t quote over the phone ) there are too many possibilities to consider. Just because you have a 15.4 led doesn’t mean that another 15.4 led will cut it. We also need to take your graphics card into consideration. Some graphics cards are better than others and of course the screens need to match.

Sometimes the connector can be on the left and sometimes it’s on the right.

That’s why we always quote first.

Rest assured though we have done hundreds and hundreds of them.

For a quote on replacing your laptop screen why not pop in with your laptop and we’ll see what we can do.

The turn around on a laptop screen replacement is normally only a few days.

Laptop Screen Repairs Beenleigh, it’s what we do.


Laptop Screen Repairs

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