Laptop Repairs Beenleigh

Laptop Repairs Beenleigh

We do laptop screen replacements, power socket repairs, keyboard replacements and hinge repairs. Got a broken USB port? No problem, we can fix that too. We can dismantle your laptop and clean out the blocked cpu fan for when your laptop is running too hot. Don’t worry about that faulty dvd player or burner, we have that covered as well. Lost your Laptop power supply ( Laptop battery charger ) or is it broken? We sell second hand power supplies for most Laptops. Yes we can even get new ones too.

Whether you are looking for Upgrades, Repairs or ongoing Maintenance and Support, we can help. We can remove viruses, make your computer go faster, fix those annoying windows errors, clean up all those excess programs and make your computer run smoother.

When your Laptop or computer wont boot, we can find out why and fix it. If you have trouble installing new software or hardware we can sort it out for you. We can back up your data or even show you how to back it up yourself. We can help with email problems and printing problems.

After this long on the job, we can help with just about anything.

Laptop Repairs Beenleigh, it’s what we do.

When it comes to laptop repairs, there is a lot that can be done to salvage your machine and keep it in the land of the living. Here’s a list of the parts of a laptop that we can repair.

  • Laptop screen replacements.
  • Hinge repairs.
  • Upper and Lower case repairs.
  • Power Socket repairs.
  • USB port Replacements.
  • DVD Burner replacements.
  • Memory Upgrades.
  • Hard Drive Upgrades.
  • Power Supply replacements.
  • Speaker replacements.
  • CPU Heatsink / CPU Cooling Fan repairs.
  • Replacement Keyboards / Touchpads.

In most cases the cost of repairing a laptop makes it more economical to repair than it is to replace the machine. Often you will find that second hand parts can be used, which helps to keep the cost of repair down. Any time we do a major repair, we will take the time to clear out your cpu fan. It’s this part of the laptop that normally causes the most trouble if it is not clean as it makes the laptop overheat often and that shortens the life of your machine.Adding a little extra memory or putting in a bigger hard drive can also help.

Rest assured, when presented with Laptop repairs, we always quote first, and we always evaluate the cost of repair against the “value” of the machine. It’s all about making sure that the customer gets “value for money”.


Laptop Repairs Beenleigh

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