Laptop Upgrades

Laptop Upgrades

When it comes to upgrading a laptop,  here are some of the things you can do.

Most laptops have all their “bits” integrated into the motherboard, so making your laptop bigger and faster is limited to only two items, the hard drive ( for more space ) or the ram ( for reducing lag – which as a bonus has the side affect of increasing your laptop’s speed ).

If a laptop is low on ram then a ram increase would definitely help to make it faster. Feel free to pop in and let us have a look at your laptop to see if it can handle more ram. Don’t fall in to the trap of just slapping more memory in and hoping that works, there are a few rules when it comes to adding memory and you want to get it right to get the best outcome.

If storage space is low we can help by putting in a bigger drive. Feel free to pop in and let us have a look at your laptop to see if it can handle a bigger hard drive.

Now let’s talk about solid state hard drives. This is where we can make a HUGE difference. Solid state drives have no moving parts. They are essentially a big memory stick. Normally the same shape or close to it of a normal hard drive but way faster.

The good thing about a solid state drive is that there is an incredible speed difference, seriously it will blow your mind…

The cost of solid state hard drives is different to the normal hard drive you might be used to but the performance is well worth the extra money. 

So.. can we upgrade your laptop? Sure, but let’s talk first so we can explain what the options are for you.

Laptop upgrades, it’s just one more thing we do.

Laptop Upgrades

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