Computer Repairs Beenleigh

Computer Repairs Beenleigh

Computer Repairs :

If you are looking for computer repairs in Beenleigh, then look no further.

If your computer isn’t behaving the way it should, or if worst still, it’s not working at all, then there may be a hardware problem that needs attending to.

Power supplies, motherboards, cpu’s or ram. Replacement hard drives, solid state drives or DVD burners, video cards, wifi cards and more.

Quick Solve Computers was established back in 1997. That’s a long time doing computer repairs.

If your computer is broken, just bring it in for a quote to repair. We can help.

Computer Maintenance :

General maintenance is undoubtedly the best way to prolong the life of your computer. Often though, it’s a case of out of sight out of mind.

We suggest getting your pc or laptop serviced at least once a year at first, then after each subsequent service we can recommend how often to bring it back again based on how bad it was on the last job.

For some people, once a year is not enough but for others it’s way too much. Of course we check more than just hardware too.

Sometimes it’s software issues that need attending to and sometimes it’s hardware. Each job is different. Each job is unique to the user.

Power Surges :

Sadly, most people don’t use a surge protector and during storm season, one of the most common jobs we do is replace power supplies or even worse entire computers because of power faults. We have surge protectors on board all the time, so if you need one, just let us know.

Data recovery :

You know what they say, prevention is better than cure. The same is true for data recovery. If you don’t have a backup drive then it’s time you did. We can custom design a backup script to automatically back up your computer and then turn it off for you when it’s finished. A neat new way to shut down your computer and back up your important data all at the same time.

Computer Repairs Beenleigh

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