Laptop Power Supplies

Laptop Power Supplies

Other than the obvious Laptop repairs and computer repairs, did you know we also do Laptop Power Supplies too.. ?

We have a range of Laptop Power Supplies available in both second hand and new. We do a lot of Laptop recycling here and so we end up with a range of second hand battery chargers to suit most common brands and power ratings.

Our list includes – but is not limited to :

12V – 3A, 3.33A, 4.16A
15V – 3A, 4A, 5A
16V – 3.75A, 3.95A, 4A
18V – 2.23A
18.5V – 3.5A
19V – 1.58A, 2.1A, 3.16A, 6.32A
19.5V – 4.62A, 6.9A
20V – 3.25A, 4.5A

And of course if we don’t have a second hand laptop power supply to suit or if you simply prefer a brand new one then we can always order one in. When we order in a new laptop power supply or “battery charger”, it normally only takes a day or so to get it in.

If your laptop power supply is fine but the 240volt clover leaf is broken or faulty, we can replace just that section of the power supply for you.

Either way why not just pop in and we’ll see what we can do for you.

If your laptop has a broken power socket, in most cases it can still be repaired. If it works when you hold the power supply plug in just the right position, that normally means that the socket has a cracked joint or the barb is cracked in half. Be careful though, you know what they say, a stitch in time saves nine.. In other words, the longer you leave it, the harder it is going to be for us to fix it.

When it comes to power sockets, if you bring it to us while it’s still a simple job to repair,  it will probably cost less to fix.


Laptop Power Supplies

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