webpage design

WordPress, the server side software we use to create and manage your webpage design,  uses what is called wordpress themes to give you the wide variety of designs available.

By keeping the page names and content in place you are able to change the whole look and feel of your webpage with a single click.

As you load each theme your website takes on a whole new look and feel. Each wordpress theme gives you the ability to customize it’s many options, to make your choice of themes even more personal.

Rather than pay a web developer to design and maintain your website for you, what we offer is to train you how to design and maintain your own website.

The webpage design training is one on one.

Currently WordPress has over 2000 themes to choose from.

For the full story on how we can help you with your webpage design, Our products and services why not pop over to our webpage designs website.

Of course if you have any questions, just give us a call on 07 3804 7400

Webpage design

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