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  • Quick Solve Computers was established in 1997.

This website is dedicated to letting you know who we are and what we do.

We may have a lot to offer here in regards to accessories and parts, but what we do mostly is our services :

Primarily, what we do is computer repairs and laptop repairs.

We can remove viruses, make your computer go faster, fix those annoying windows errors, clean up all those excess programs and make your computer run smoother.

When your computer wont boot, we can find out why and fix it. If you have trouble installing new software or hardware we can sort it out for you. We can back up your data or show you how to back it up yourself. We can help with email problems and printing problems.

Lost your Windows Login password and can’t log into windows? We can reset your password for you.

We also do most laptop repairs including replacement screens, replacement keyboards, overheating cpu fans and a whole lot more. In fact other than the motherboard, if a laptop is broken there’s not much that can’t be fixed. Of course we’ll quote on the job first. After all it has to be economical to fix. Lost your laptop power pack ? We have spares.

A blocked cpu heatsink will shorten the life of your laptop real quick. There is no shortcut to cleaning a cpu fan in a laptop. You can’t blow it out or suck it out, that simply doesn’t work. The only way to clear a blocked cpu fan is to dismantle the laptop and manually clean it out. First the lid comes off, then the keyboard is removed and the upper plate is removed followed by the mother board. Then once the fan is disassembled and cleaned we reassemble the laptop again. It’s a lengthy process but well worth the effort.

Most laptops generally only need clearing like this once in their lifetime ( maybe twice – but not much more ) but a blocked cpu fan is a sure way to overheat and ultimately break your laptop.


On occasion we will have laptops come in that have broken usb ports. Even though they are easily fixable they need to be attended to immediately if they break and NOT used in the mean time. Those pins have voltage running through them, left broken they run the risk of shorting out and causing way more damage.

If you have a usb port like this….. Bring it in for repair while the job is still a simple one.


If you have a laptop that has seen better days and the lid seems to wobble around when you open or close it, you may have busted hinges. Most hinges are held in place with only two or three screws. It’s being held tight that gives the mounts their strength. Once it gets loose it will soon break and that will only lead to bigger problems.

If you have a laptop with loose hinges, bring it in so we can quote on the repair. If it has already broken the mounts, in many cases the laptop can still be repaired, there are options available that may require replacing the bottom case. We’ve done that on many occasions and it still works out cheaper that getting a new laptop. 


By the way, we do way more than just laptops. We do computer repairs, all in ones, laptops, hard drive caddies, some tablets and a whole lot more.

Got an Imac or an Apple Macbook or Macbook Pro – no problems we can help with that too.


Just give us a call and let’s have a chat about your “computer problem” and see if we have a solution for you.

We started in 1997. After this long on the job, we can help with just about anything.

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